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Are you a hardgainer and feeling helpless in your attempt to put on more pounds? Do you feel like it’s an impossible task for you to gain weight? Well, we have good news for you! This article will unveil the best kept secret for hardgainers to gain weight in no time. So keep reading and let us help you make your dream of growing a bigger physique a reality!

1. Unveiling the Hidden Ways for Hardgainers to Pack on Muscle

Hardgainers can feel left out when it comes to building muscle. Most of the advice out there may not seem to apply to them, as their bodies just don’t quite seem to respond as well to the usual gym routines and diet ideas. But there are several ways for hardgainers to pack on muscle that may be less known but can still have great potential.

Increase Training Volume
One of the key ways to increase muscle mass for hardgainers is to focus on increasing training volume. This can be done by taking longer rests between sets, increasing the number of repetitions performed for each set, and focusing on exercises that engage a larger amount of muscle mass. It is also important to create a balanced program that will ensure all major muscle groups are being trained in an effective and balanced way.

  • Take longer rests between sets
  • Increase the number of repetitions for each set
  • Focus on exercises that engage a larger muscle mass
  • Create a balanced program

Adjust Your Diet & Supplement Intake
Nutrition is another important way to help hardgainers pack on muscle. Increasing the number of meals throughout the day can help support muscle growth by providing the body with a steady supply of energy and the necessary nutrients for muscles to develop and repair. Additionally, hardgainers can benefit from supplementing their diet with higher carbohydrate intake, as well as adding protein powder to their daily routine for a quick and easy muscle-building source of nutrition.

  • Increase the number of meals throughout the day
  • Supplement with higher carbohydrate intake
  • Add protein powder to the daily routine

2. The Secret Strategy to Gaining Weight the Right Way

How Much Should You Eat?

The starting point for any healthy weight gain plan is determining the right daily calorie intake. The general rule is to consume at least 2,000 calories per day and increase the amount based on your current size and activity level. A nutritionist can help you calculate your ideal caloric intake for healthy weight gain. Once you have an idea about how much food you should be eating, you need to focus on choosing the right types of calories.

Choosing the Right Foods

To gain weight in a healthy way you need to fill your meals with nutrient-dense foods. Examples of healthy foods to include in your weight gain plan are:

  • Fruits – such as apples, bananas, oranges, and pears
  • Vegetables – such as kale, spinach, asparagus, and broccoli
  • Nuts and Seeds – such as walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds
  • Whole grains – such as oats, barley, buckwheat, etc.
  • Lean proteins – such as poultry, fish, tofu, and eggs

These types of food are high in calories but also provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that will ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs while gaining weight. Eating regularly is also important to guarantee that you hit your daily calorie target. Aim to eat 5-6 times a day with balanced meals and snacks.

3. Eating the Right Foods to Be a Weight Gain Winner

What you put into your body is just as important as the exercises you do for muscle gain. When exercising for an eventual gain in muscle mass, its essential to ensure proper nutrition in order to maximize your gains. This means eating the right foods to balance nutrition and help you stay in an anabolic environment for effective muscle growth. Seek out the following:

  • High Quality Proteins: Proteins are essential building blocks of muscle. Animal proteins, such as fish, chicken, turkey, or red meat, contain high levels of quality amino acids–the building blocks of muscle. Protein breakdown occurs more slowly than carbohydrates allowing your body to remain in an anabolic state for longer which leads to more healthy muscle growth.
  • Healthy Fats: Avoid trans-fats and choose healthy unsaturated fats like avocado, olive, or coconut oil. Healthy fats can help support cell growth, hormones, and immune function which are essential for muscle gain.
  • Fiberous Fruits and Veggies: Fruits and veggies are low in calorie and contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support healthy muscle growth. A variety of colorful fruits/veggies will also provide antioxidants which decrease inflammation, promote muscle growth, and support your overall health.

Building muscle requires the right nutrition plan. Eating quality protein, healthy fats, and antioxidant-rich foods support your body’s needs for muscle growth and health. Ignore bad dietary choices and focus on these important foods. Doing so will help you stay on track and be a weight gain winner!

4. Achieving Solid Gains – The Muscle Building Blueprint

When it comes to building muscle, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to guarantee success. We have compiled a Muscle Building Blueprint that should make the process easy to understand and hopefully help you towards your goals.

Nutrition: Nutrition should be your number one priority in achieving your fitness goals. Eating healthy and balanced meals regularly is essential to get your body into the right shape. You can supplement your diet with healthy snacks and protein shakes to keep your meals exciting while packing in the right nutrients.

Supplements: While supplements are not a necessity, they can certainly help you with your muscle building routine. Protein powder, creatine and pre-workout supplements are some of the more popular choices when taking supplements but always remember to consult a doctor for guidance.

Training: You should aim for complete body workouts in order to hit every muscle group evenly. Also, it is advised to switch up your training routine to prevent your muscles from adapting. This is known as periodization and it involves decreasing reps and rest between sets as the weeks go by.

Finally, don’t be afraid to push yourself. The Muscle Building Blueprint is designed to help you take small, steady steps towards achieving your goals. Repetition of exercises, eating right and sleeping well are all key ingredients for success.

Take action now and experience the results for yourself. Keep in mind the best kept secret for hardgainers to gain weight, and watch as your body transforms. You’ve got this, and you can do it!

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